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Office Cleaning Checklist: A Detailed List

Office cleaning checklist

Let Creativity Flourish With Clean Workstations Using Office Cleaning Checklist

Keeping the office clean is essential in ensuring that your employee’s safety is your priority. Cleanliness is not just a marker of a sanitized workstation but also a dedication to providing a holistic environment for creative ideas to emerge. However, cleaning is sometimes incomplete, and the office cleaning checklist is a lifesaver. A comprehensive and well-defined office cleaning schedule helps ensure the cleaning procedure is completed effectively. A detailed and carefully curated office cleaning checklist will include all the areas of the office that must be cleaned. It will consist of details like frequency of cleaning, cleaning method, cleaning specificities, and other unique requirements. Let us unlock the best-curated office cleaning checklist to transform your workspace immediately.

Office Cleaning Checklist: Transforming Workspace

The office as a workspace is an area that requires a clean and hygienic workstation that will help the individuals focus on their unique ideas and creativity and, hence, enhance productivity. Therefore, the office cleaning process must be well-curated and drafted according to the office’s needs. Now, depending on the areas within an office, the office cleaning checklist can be divided into six categories, each focusing on the specificity of the healthy workstation. Let us understand this checklist in detail:

Office Cleaning Schedule For General Areas


  • Begin the cleaning procedure by wiping and sanitizing the reception desk because this is considered a high-touch area and has a high probability of transmitting bacteria.
  • Next, wipe the door handles with a mild cleaning solution that can kill the accumulated germs and remove the dust.
  • Then, wipe the glass surface with a cleaning solution to remove the dirt and debris and transform it into a sparkling area.
  • Vacuum or mop the entrance area and ensure that the reading materials, flowers, snacks, etc., are restocked.

Lobby/Waiting Area

  • The lobby and waiting area must be cleaned before the day begins.
  • This space is a waiting area for your guests but reflects how the organization works and prioritizes different elements.
  • Dust all the furniture in the lobby area, then wipe them with a cleaning solution that suits it.
  • Vacuum clean the carpets or avail carpet cleaning for monthly services and ensure the trash bins are empty.

Hallways And Corridors

  • The hallways and corridors are one of the most neglected cleaning areas because people commute through them rather than sit there.
  • However, this space is regarded as a high-traffic area prone to germs transmission.
  • Begin by mopping or vacuuming and then move to remove any scuff marks from the walls.
  • Another crucial aspect is to inspect and clean the light fixtures to ensure they are in working condition.

Conference Rooms

  • Wipe all the tables and chairs with a mild disinfectant or sanitizing solution to prevent the accumulation of germs.
  • Ensure that the space’s whiteboards, chalkboards, and other electronic items are kept clean.
  • Vacuuming or mopping can be a preferred way of keeping the floor clean in the conference room.

Offices And Workstations

  • Workstation cleaning can begin with emptying the trash bins and replacing the liners.
  • This is also one of the crucial office cleaning tips to ensure that the workstations are not prone to accumulated germs or bacteria.
  • Then, dust, wipe, and sanitize the desks, chairs, and workstation surfaces that are a part of the office space.
  • It is essential to clean the keyboards and mouse with a cleaning solution that suits the electronic gadgets.

Break Room/Kitchen

  • Begin by cleaning the countertops in the kitchen and wiping all the surfaces with a cleaning solution.
  • Next, clean the sink and faucets, regularly organize, restock, and clean the refrigerator.
Office cleaning schedule


Like the other spaces in the office, keeping the restrooms clean regularly helps maintain hygiene. It is preferred to clean toilets at least twice daily, deep cleaning once a week, or in fifteen days. Professional commercial cleaners will clean the restroom as a part of cleaning the office. Now, let us look into the checklist for cleaning the restroom:
AreaCleaning Method
  • Begin by cleaning and disinfecting the toilet seats. Then, move to the toilet bowels and clean them using cleaning agents.
  • Wipe and sanitize the flush handles and then sweep or mop the floors.
  • Ensure that the toilet paper and soap dispensers are checked and refilled regularly
Sinks and Counters
  • Clean the sinks with a microfibre and sanitize the countertops using an appropriate cleaning agent.
  • Wipe and polish the mirrors on the walls to ensure clarity.
Trash Bins
  • The foremost aspect of office cleaning is ensuring all trash bins are emptied regularly. This prevents the accumulation of germs.

Common Areas And Outdoor Areas

Most of the offices include outdoor spaces and exterior areas like parking lots. Choosing an office cleaning company in Sydney will provide you with the services to handle the cleaning and maintenance of these spaces. Let us look into the various elements of cleaning these spaces:
AreaCleaning Method
  • An essential aspect of cleaning the elevators is wiping down the buttons and handrails using cleaning solutions.
  • Sanitize the mirrors and mop the floor to ensure no debris accumulates.
  • Wipe and sanitize the handrails, along with sweeping and mopping the stairs.
Exterior Entryway
  • Keep the exterior entryway clean by sweeping it regularly and cleaning the sidewalks.
  • Ensure that any debris and cobwebs are removed, along with cleaning any exterior glass surfaces
Parking Lot
  • Parking lots must be cleaned to keep them from debris or junk.
  • Scheduling a power wash once every fifteen days or a month is necessary.

Monthly And Seasonal Office Cleaning Checklist

Monthly and seasonal cleaning tasks can be specific to the organization’s or company’s requirements. These tasks can be scheduled and performed according to the unique needs.

Deep Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Changing or cleaning the blinds.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Maintaining cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners, mop buckets, etc.
  • Identifying the worn-out tools and replacing them.

Storage Areas

  • Organizing the storerooms and cleaning them once a month or quarterly prevents the accumulation of dust particles.

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