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Medical cleaning services, you can trust and rely on! Let us lend you a hand in creating a healing and nurturing environment for patients and staff.

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The Best Medical
Cleaning in Sydney

Cleanliness is of paramount importance in healthcare settings. Facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and doctor’s clinics require thorough cleaning and disinfection on a regular basis. This is not a task that you can leave up to amateurs. For specialised medical cleaning in Sydney, you need to look for qualified and certified commercial cleaning companies such as Erase Cleaning. By hiring us, you get

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Types of Medical
Cleaning Services, We Offer

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Patient room Cleaning

We clean patient rooms thoroughly to maintain a sterile environment. This prevents infections and helps patients recover fast.

Cafeteria Cleaning

Cafeteria cleaning is essential to prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses. We clean both food serving and preparation areas.

Restroom Cleaning

Restrooms for patients, staff, and visitors need daily cleaning and disinfection. We also provide restroom deep cleaning services.

Waiting Room Cleaning

The waiting room needs to be clean and tidy for patients, families, and visitors who are waiting for their appointments or visits.

Reception Cleaning

Reception cleaning is an important part of medical centre cleaning. Our services ensure your facility has a spotless reception area.

Office Cleaning

We also clean the administrative part of the facility. Our medical cleaning services also cover office cleaning for healthcare facilities.

Window Cleaning

We are the top medical cleaning company in Sydney to provide essential window cleaning services at affordable prices.

Floor cleaning

Daily floor cleaning is a critical aspect of medical cleaning. It is the key to preventing slip and fall accidents and hefty lawsuits.

Add more services to the basic package for a brighter shine!

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Reliable Medical Cleaners

If you search for “medical cleaning near me in Sydney,” you will find Erase Cleaning as one of the highest-rated medical cleaning companies in your area. That is because our medical cleaning services are among the best in the city. We stand our from our competitors for many reasons. A few of those are

Why Choose Us for Medical Cleaning?

It is natural to wonder if we are the right medical cleaning partner for your needs. That is why you should know why hiring us is worth it!

medical cleaning in Sydney

Experienced Team

Our medical cleaners are specially trained in the latest cleaning methodologies.

medical cleaning services in Sydney

Quality Assurance

Our strict quality control measures ensure you get the highest standard of cleaning.

medical cleaning company in Sydney

100% Satisfaction

Our services come with guaranteed satisfaction. Your investment will be worth every dollar!

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Cost Efficient

Our customised medical cleaning packages help you stick to your budget and save money.

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Perks of Our Hospital Cleaning

Need More Cleaning Options?

We are one of the few commercial cleaners to provide a large variety of services related medical cleaning in Sydney. Here’s a complete list of our additional services

Public area sanitisation

Medical equipment cleaning

Mattress cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Window cleaning

Biohazard cleanup

HVAC system cleaning

Staff lounge cleaning

Laboratory cleaning

Isolation room cleaning

Operating room cleaning

Medical testing room cleaning

Our Top Cleaning Services

Since our establishment in 2012, Erase Cleaning has secured itself as the ideal medical cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas, adding up to in excess of 10 million square metre of commercial offices,

house cleaning

House Cleaning

Our home cleaning services help to keep your home immaculate at all times!

office cleaning services

Office Cleaning

We provide comprehensive office cleaning solutions that can help to elevate your office space.

warehouse cleaning services

Warehouse Cleaning

We can help you transform your messy warehouse space into a spotless hub of efficiency.

gym cleaning services

Gym Cleaning

Make your gym safe and sanitary for all members with our gym cleaning services.

church cleaning services

Church Cleaning

Keep your worship centre in a pristine state always with our Church cleaning services.

carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpets professionally deep cleaned to remove spots, stains, and odour.

medical cleaning services

Medical Cleaning

Our medical cleaning services are essential to keep healthcare facilities safe and germ-free.

school cleaning services

School Cleaning

Keep students safe and prevent the spread of diseases in your school with our school cleaning services.

Add more services to the basic package for a brighter shine!

Benefits of Our Medical Cleaning Services

In the healthcare setting, there is no room for error or compromising on cleanliness. There are many benefits of keeping up with perfect cleanliness.

How to Hire Medical Cleaning?

Want to book a medical cleaning appointment in Sydney? Erase Cleaning makes it super easy! Make sure to follow these steps to hire us

book cleaning appointment

Book Appointment

Schedule the best time for us to visit your premises for cleaning.

free cleaning quote

Personalised Quote

Tell us about your specific cleaning requirements.

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Experience The Difference

Enjoy a spotless space with our expert services

Frequently Asked Questions

Since our establishment in 2012, Erase Cleaning has secured itself as the ideal medical and hospital cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas

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We are among the highest-rated medical cleaners in the city. That is a testament to our proficiency, industry acumen, and repute. We have been serving the medical community for over 10 years and will continue to do so. The quality of our services and our commitment to bettering ourselves makes us stand out.

Yes, as medical cleaners, we have to deal with hazardous spills in operation theatres, treatment rooms, and laboratories all the time. Our cleaners are properly trained and provided the necessary tools and protective gear to handle such messes.

In medical settings, we need to use chemical cleaners and disinfectants to create a sterile environment. However, since chemicals often leave behind toxic residues, we also use eco-friendly cleaning products in patient rooms and general, non-critical areas of the facility.

Our cleaners are professionally trained to safely handle cleaning products and equipment. They are also given proper protective gear to minimise exposure to hazardous materials and elements.

Yes, our services are insured. If any damages occur to your property or equipment during the cleanup, we will take care of the charges.

How can we help you?

Book a free consultation and let us know your medical cleaning requirements. Get a quote and customize your hospital cleaning package. Give us a call and begin this process now!

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We take great pride in our extensive clientele, which comprises businesses and individuals from all over Sydney. A few of our clients are:

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