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What Is Included In House Cleaning?

House cleaning includes

Unveiling the Sparkle Maker: Comprehensive Understanding of What House Cleaning Includes

Getting a house cleaned is a task that requires quality time with equipment and supplies. Due to individuals’ busy life schedules, one often opts for house cleaning services that can cover various cleaning processes within a speculated time. House cleaning includes a complete cleaning procedure with attention to detail and disinfection.

Professional cleaning services come with the perk of handling cleaning tasks with utmost ease and attention to detail. This is also one of the central reasons why house cleaning services are often opted for. If you are looking for a house cleaning service but are still determining what exactly falls under this term, you have reached the right spot. Here, we discuss what house cleaning includes.

Deciphering What Is Included In House Cleaning

The house cleaning mainly consists of ten crucial elements that constitute this cleaning service. These include different types of house cleaning services provided and what the cleaning services within them are. Hiring a professional house cleaning company in Sydney will take care of end-to-end coverage, where no corners are left unclean. To get a better understanding of house cleaning works, let us take a closer look at what house cleaning includes.

General Cleaning

General house cleaning includes three stages of cleaning within the regular cleaning procedure, and these are:


The general cleaning session begins with dusting the surfaces and other furniture of the house with microfibre to get rid of any accumulated parts.


The next step includes vacuuming surfaces to remove dust or other particles attached to carpets, rugs, or upholstery. This process is crucial for removing dirt and getting rid of pet hair and allergens that must have accumulated on the surface.

Sweeping and Mopping

The daily cleaning process will include sweeping and mopping the floors apart from dusting to ensure that there is no settled dirt or debris. This process requires the usage of non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solutions that can keep the floor disinfected and polished.

Kitchen Cleaning

Every kitchen requires a combination of different cleaning methods and solutions that will focus on removing dirt and disinfecting the kitchen’s various places. Kitchen cleaning should also be included in the house cleaning checklist. The cleaning procedure includes:

Countertop and Appliance Cleaning

The kitchen countertop is understood as one of the high-touch surfaces within the kitchen space. It requires a thorough procedure of wiping the countertop, stovetop and all the surfaces with a cleaning solution.

Sink and Faucet Cleaning

Sink and faucet cleaning includes disinfecting the sinks and faucets to prevent the breeding of germs. The faucet cleaning process will help improve the appearance of the faucet and sink.

Interior and Exterior Appliances

The foremost important aspect of appliance cleaning in kitchen cleaning is to sanitize and wipe the interiors and exteriors of all kitchen appliances like ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers.

Bathroom Cleaning

House cleaning includes primarily various cleaning services of which bathroom cleaning is crucial. Bathroom cleaning mainly includes toilet cleaning, shower and tub cleaning, and sink cleaning. Toilet cleaning is focused on removing the limescale and stains from the toilet using cleaning agents. This process helps in sanitizing the toilet bowls, seats and handles thoroughly. The next part is removing the scum, old and mildew from shower walls and tubs that remain as residue on the surface leading to discolouration.

Bedroom Cleaning

House cleaning packages are incomplete without bedroom cleaning services that aim to sanitize, clean and organize the bedroom space. This procedure mainly includes two crucial components:

  • Changing the bed linens by replacing the bed sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers ensures that no germ or bacteria remains settled on the linens.
  • The second aspect of bedroom cleaning is dusting and wiping the furniture in the bedroom like the dressing tables, wardrobes and nightstands.
  • One of the things that should be focused on for bedroom cleaning is the aspect of paying attention to decorative items and ornaments while cleaning.

Included in house cleaning

Specialized Cleaning

Most of the house cleaning packages include specialized cleaning services that are designed to fulfil the specific or unique cleaning requirements of the customer. Specialized house cleaning packages can differ for different cleaning agencies. But there are certain common services provided under this category including:

Window Cleaning

This service provides cleaning procedures for sanitising, dusting, and disinfection windows (both interior and exterior) to remove dirt, streaks and fingerprints.

Carpet Cleaning

One of the popular cleaning services amongst specialized cleaning is carpet cleaning services. It includes vacuuming and steam cleaning as a necessary part of the cleaning procedure while also including specific cleaning procedures for required materials.

Upholstery Cleaning

Another specialized cleaning service is upholstery cleaning which aims to clean fabric and leather on sofas and chairs through a gentle cleaning process.

Floor Care

House cleaning includes floor care and floor cleaning services that focus on wiping, mopping or vacuuming the floor depending on the floor type. The procedure includes:

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Through careful cleaning procedure, the floor is cleaned using a suitable and soft cleaning agent that will not damage the wood. The process includes the prevention of excess water to prevent it from getting any water damage.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

This cleaning process includes scrubbing the tile surface with a cleaning solution to remove stains and debris and restore a clean appearance.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning services are carried out once in fifteen days, monthly or quarterly depending on the cleaning requirement. This cleaning service mainly focuses on thorough cleaning methods and comprehensive cleaning.

Having understand this house cleaning includes all the services provided in the package. This information lets you search for the best house cleaning companies through sample quotes. Use this to understand what types of cleaning services are required.

Ask The Professional What Is Covered In House Cleaning

House Cleaning includes various cleaning services that require professional mastery and experience to deal with cleaning requirements. Hiring a professional cleaner ensures efficiency and retains cleanliness for a longer duration. But finding a perfect cleaning partner in a city like Sydney is challenging.

To make this procedure a little simpler, we introduce to you Erase Cleaning. As one of the best Sydney cleaners in the industry, Erase Cleaning practices expert and personalized cleaning solutions that suit the customer’s specific needs. Give your house the touch of a sanitized and organized space with professional help from Erase Cleaning.


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