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There is nothing quite like walking into a spotless office to start a productive workday! Daily office cleaning serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. It has a direct impact on the well-being of your employees and the success of your business. A clean and well-organized workspace promotes productivity, boosts efficiency, and ultimately increases the bottom line. Get office cleaning in Sydney to reap all the benefits!

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Types of Commercial
Cleaning Services, We Offer

Erase Cleaning offers the most exhaustive list of office cleaning services in Sydney. No matter how unique or diverse your requirements are, you are sure to find the services you need here! The most popular ones are

General Cleaning

General office cleaning services include dusting, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. The goal is to make every surface spotless.

Upholstery Cleaning

Has your office furniture started to look a bit dingy? If so, you need our upholstery cleaning services which can transform them!

Floor Care

Whether you have concrete, marble, tile, or hardwood flooring in your office, our floor cleaning and care services are essential for you.

Restroom Cleaning and Disinfection

Office restrooms require daily cleaning and disinfection. Our services ensure a consistently fresh and sanitary environment for staff and visitors.

Carpet Cleaning

Office carpets need more than just the daily vacuuming. Our carpet deep cleaning services remove spots, stains, and odour from carpets.

Cafeteria and Breakroom Cleaning

Cafeteria and breakroom cleaning is a crucial aspect of office cleaning. It prevents the spread of foodborne infections and diseases.

Trash Disposal

Our trash disposal and recycling services prevent pest infestations, diseases, and foul odour from spreading throughout the office.

Equipment Cleaning

Ensure longevity and optimal performance of your office equipment with our equipment cleaning and maintenance services.

Add more services to the basic package for a brighter shine!

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Reliable Office Cleaners

Erase Cleaning has been providing high-quality office cleaning in Sydney for over 10 years now. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation as the leading office cleaning company in Sydney for our impeccable services, trained cleaners, and client-centric approach.

Why Choose Us for Office Cleaning?

Did your search for “office cleaning near me” lead you to Erase Cleaning, and now you are wondering why you should hire us? Here’s why

complete office cleaning Sydney

Complete Cleaning

Our comprehensive office cleaning services are why most businesses prefer us.

customised office cleaning

Customized Services

We customise our services and packages based on your unique and specific needs.

cost-efficient office cleaning services


Set up a cleaning budget and stick to it with our cost-effective office cleaning prices.

insured office cleaning services

Insured Services

Our insurance offers complete protection if any damage occurs as a result of our service.

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What are the Perks of Hiring Us?

Looking for more cleaning options?

We’re a family business that takes good care of our employees, so they can take good care of your home. We’re a family business that takes good care of our employees,

Commercial carpet cleaning

Daily cleaning

Weekly cleaning

Monthly cleaning

HVAC system cleaning

Spring or fall cleaning

Glass surface cleaning

Same day cleaning

Emergency cleaning

Holiday special cleaning

Post-party cleaning

End-of-lease cleaning

Our Top Cleaning Services

Since our establishment in 2012, Erase Cleaning has secured itself as the ideal commercial and house cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas, adding up to in excess of 10 million square metre of commercial offices,

house cleaning

House Cleaning

Our home cleaning services help to keep your home immaculate at all times!

office cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning

We provide comprehensive commercial cleaning solutions that can help to elevate your office space.

warehouse cleaning services

Warehouse Cleaning

We can help you transform your messy warehouse space into a spotless hub of efficiency.

gym cleaning services

Gym Cleaning

Make your gym safe and sanitary for all members with our gym cleaning services.

church cleaning services

Church Cleaning

Keep your worship centre in a pristine state always with our Church cleaning services.

carpet cleaning services

Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpets professionally deep cleaned to remove spots, stains, and odour.

medical cleaning services

Medical Cleaning

Our medical cleaning services are essential to keep healthcare facilities safe and germ-free.

school cleaning services

School Cleaning

Keep students safe and prevent the spread of diseases in your school with our school cleaning services.

Add more services to the basic package for a brighter shine!

Benefits of our office cleaning services

Since our establishment in 2012, Erase Cleaning has secured itself as the ideal office cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas

How to Hire Us?

Want to book our office cleaning services? The process is simple. Make sure to follow these steps to hire our office cleaning crew for your facility

book cleaning appointment

Book Appointment

Schedule the best time for us to visit your premises for cleaning.

free cleaning quote

Personalised Quote

Tell us about your specific cleaning requirements.

cleaning experience

Experience The Difference

Enjoy a spotless space with our expert services

Frequently Asked Questions

Since our establishment in 2012, Erase Cleaning has secured itself as the ideal office cleaning in Sydney and surrounding areas

cleaning services faqs

The frequency of office cleaning depends on a variety of factors. The size and layout of your office and the number of employees and visitors you receive per day are the most crucial determinants. Ideally, you should clean the office once every day, but depending on the amount of foot traffic, you may need to clean a few times throughout the day.

Erase Cleaning is among the top commercial cleaners in Sydney to provide green cleaning services. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that are made of natural ingredients. These products do not leave behind any harmful residues. So, the risk of respiratory problems, allergies, and skin and eye irritation is lowered significantly. Green cleaning also helps to reduce the carbon footprint of office cleaning by reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Of course! To make office cleaning easier, you should encourage your employees to keep their workstations clean and tidy. Furthermore, you should declutter regularly, wipe down surfaces every day, and invest in air-purifying indoor plants. These office cleaning tips are highly useful if you want to promote a hygienic office environment.

If you do not want to go with our basic or pre-fixed packages, you can always opt for our customised office cleaning packages. These packages are tailored as per your unique and specific cleaning requirements. If you cannot decide which services you need, we will help you select them after the initial consultation.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone’s outlook on office cleaning and how crucial it is. At Erase Cleaning, we follow strict COVID safety protocols that are made mandatory as per regulations. Our services are fully compliant with regulations.

How can we help you?

Book a free consultation and let us know your office cleaning requirements. Get a quote and customize your office cleaning package. Give us a call and begin this process now!

Our satisfied clients

We take great pride in our extensive clientele, which comprises businesses and individuals from all over Sydney. A few of our clients are:

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