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Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips For A Healthy Workspace

Office Cleaning Tips

Office Cleaning Tips: Ten Swipes To A Holistic Workspace

Maintaining a clean office space is crucial to ensure all employees can work efficiently. A well-organized and sanitized workspace provides better productivity than a cluttered and unhygienic workspace. While office spaces are considerable areas to cover, with multiple locations requiring deep cleaning, specific office cleaning tips can make this step easy.

Office cleaning is also a form of team building and fostering holistic employee relationships. Employees must be encouraged to maintain their desk space through training and workshops on keeping the workspace clean. This is just a tiny step towards a clean office. Several other office cleaning ideas will be discussed ahead to help you maintain a clean office environment.

10 Office Cleaning Tips For Productivity

Given that office spaces can be huge and cleaning them thoroughly is challenging, it is a relief when you have specific office cleaning ideas that can help reduce the workload. What’s more interesting is that it also includes team participation and effort.

Without further delay, let us look into these simple tips and tricks for office cleaning.

Tip 1: Establish A Cleaning Schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule is the first step toward maintaining a clean workspace. A well-drafted cleaning schedule will include the frequency of cleaning, cleaning areas, cleaning requirements, deep cleaning frequency, and cleaning essentials.

Maintaining a record of these cleaning services is essential because it helps in cross-reference and maintenance works. The schedule will also keep track of duties and tasks assigned to the employees. When hiring a professional cleaning service, this schedule will work as a reference for them.

Tip 2: Declutter Workspaces

Cleanliness begins with decluttering workspaces and organizing the items on the desk. This step ensures that the cleaning process can happen smoothly without being interrupted by numerous unorganized items on the desk.

Encourage the employees to maintain an organized desk space and promote a clutter-free environment. This helps make the office cleaning process a collectivistic activity rather than solely being the responsibility of office cleaners.

Tip 3: Invest in Quality Cleaning Products

Office spaces can sometimes be massive, and with the numerous employees, companies choose to look for cheaper cleaning products. This choice should be discussed more regarding how much productivity and effect they bring about.

Therefore, it is always recommended that when cleaning any space, you always invest in quality cleaning products. This step ensures the usage of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products. Top-quality cleaning products will also include machinery and equipment that simplify office cleaning services.

Tip 4: Promote Personal Hygiene

  Personal hygiene of the employees and all the staff members of the company is a step towards a clean office. Although promoting personal hygiene seems trivial, this step enables keeping the office free of germs and viruses. Personal hygiene can be maintained through simple steps.

  • Put up a list of personal hygiene measuring elements.
  • Notify employees of any viruses or disease outbreaks with symptoms
  • Ensure that all the restrooms have cleaning supplements, trash bins, and other supplies required to maintain a hygienic environment.

Tip 5: Regularly Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

One of the simplest ways to ensure a clean workspace is to wipe regularly and sanitize the high-touch surfaces. Disinfecting and sanitizing these surfaces is necessary because they are the central repositories of germs. High-touch surfaces include places or areas like railings, staircases, desks, pantries, kitchen tops, and so on.

Regularly cleaning these surfaces with safe cleaning agents helps prevent virus transmission. For electronic items like shared keyboards, switches, or any other equipment, use alcohol wipes with at least 70% alcohol in them.

office cleaning ideas

Tip 6: Ensure Proper Waste Management

Office cleaning in Sydney and any other place will produce a lot of waste. This includes the removal of debris, junk, or long-stored waste materials. It is necessary to ensure a proper waste management system for these items, or else they will accumulate to produce new germs or bacteria.

For proper waste management, segregate the waste into wet, dry, and recyclable items. This process will make the waste disposal procedure more accessible and less time-consuming.

Tip 7: Maintain Ventilation Systems

Employees in the workspace spend more time working and being productive inside the office. They do not have much exposure to the outside world, which reduces their interaction with nature. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that they receive clean and hydrating air.

To provide this, maintaining a proper and clean ventilation system is required. Cleaning and servicing the HVAC systems will reduce the stagnation of viruses or bacteria that must have settled on high-touch surfaces.

Tip 8: Deep Clean Carpet And Upholstery

Most of the office cleaning in Sydney will include deep carpet cleaning frequently. Using carpet and upholstery cleaning services will ensure they are specifically cleaned using suitable cleaning agents. Although vacuuming can ensure cleanliness to some extent, choosing a cleaning service will protect the carpet and upholstery from being damaged.

Tip 9: Encourage A Clean Desk Policy

A clean desk policy can encourage employees to keep their environment organized and clean. Adding some sort of reward or appreciation can encourage them to follow this cleaning requirement.

Tip 10: Educate And Train Employees On Cleaning Protocols

Lastly, the most crucial tip to a clean workspace is to educate and train employees regarding the cleaning protocols and essentials. Workshops are an excellent way to bring cleanliness into practice, and this can done in the form of a team-building activity to build collective responsibility.

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