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House Cleaning Schedule The Complete Guide

house cleaning schedule

Clean The House In A Professional Way With House Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining a clean and systematic household is often challenging for most of us. Keep the house clean, sanitize every room, disconnect different surfaces, and many more aspects of cleaning. But what’s more challenging is forgetting a cleaning task and only realizing it after the process. We have put together the perfect house cleaning schedule to overcome this situation.

A cleaning schedule for the house is extremely important for maintaining the house clean. It’s not just cleaning it thoroughly once but repeating the process regularly. Sometimes, we need to remember the cleaning part of the busy work schedule. To include this task in your daily routine, add this schedule for house cleaning to the daily calendar.

Let us look at the house cleaning schedule and how the power of the cleaning routine can transform the home into a positive and healthy space.

Beginning The House Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning every corner of the house is necessary to keep the house clean from dust and germs and avoid settling dust particles. This task is crucial if you have kids and senior citizens at home. Without further delay, let us look into the house cleaning tips.

1. Assess Your Home

Begin the house cleaning procedure by assessing the home in terms of cleanliness, cleaning requirements like spaces that require to be cleaned, and cleaning agents. You can segregate the home space into three categories:

  • Regular Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Monthly Cleaning

The regular cleaning spaces include rooms and high-touch surfaces frequently prone to germs. This will require regular cleaning, like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and sanitization.

2. Determine The Frequency Of Cleaning

Once the cleaning requirements are understood and there is a clear understanding of the spaces required to be cleaned, the next step is determining the cleaning frequency. Now, it must be noted that if you hire professional house cleaners, the house cleaning prices can vary depending on the frequency of cleaning.

schedule for house cleaning

Daily House Cleaning Schedule

The house cleaning schedule mainly comprises a list of daily cleaning tasks that must be completed to maintain the house germ-free. Through this cleaning task, the house will also be organized and decluttered.

1. Make Beds

The first step towards beginning a clean day is by making beds. Ensure that the beds are properly organized and clean so that the day begins with a clean start.

2. Quick Surface Clean

Surface cleans can be done twice a day, one in the morning and the second one at night.

  • Before beginning the day, ensure to wipe all the surfaces including countertops, high-touch surfaces and kitchen spaces.
  • The second surface clean is at night, particularly for kitchen tops, dining tables and drawing room tables.

3. Sweep or Vacuum High-traffic Areas

To ensure daily cleanliness, it is necessary to sweep or vacuum the high-traffic areas in a house. This will initially include a staircase, kitchen tops, tables in every room, corridors or hallways, a kid’s playroom, etc. For carpets, it is preferred to vacuum clean them at night so that they remain dust-free for the next day.

Weekly House Cleaning Schedule

1. Bathroom Cleaning

One of the crucial aspects of cleaning a home for a sanitized space is to weekly clean the bathroom. Bathrooms require a good amount of deep cleaning using cleaning agents and disinfecting methods to ensure germ-free space.

2. Vacuuming or mopping

Although it is preferred to vacuum your carpets and floors on alternative days, doing this every week also works. The latter can be applicable when the home is not too dirty or cluttered.

3. Laundry

Laundry is a necessary aspect of a clean home. When laundry is done every week, it assures that the home is decluttered, organized and free of odor. Once the clothes are washed, ensure to dry them completely and fold them before putting them back in the wardrobe.

4. Kitchen Appliances

One of the most used spaces of a house is its kitchen. It is a crucial part of the house cleaning schedule because it is one of the high-traffic areas of the home. A lot of germs can build up, especially with groceries from the market and waste in trash bins. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the kitchen thoroughly.

  • Empty the trash bins and clean the groceries with baking soda.
  • Wipe all the kitchen appliances like the refrigerator, microwave and stove with a cleaning or disinfecting solution.

Monthly House Cleaning Schedule

Monthly cleaning Tasks usually include the cleaning requirements that require deep cleaning but frequently as compared to a quarterly cleaning process.

1. Laundry Curtains

  • It is important to clean and sanitize the curtains once a month to ensure that the accumulated dust does not remain in contact for a longer duration.

2. Deep Clean Floors And Carpets

  • Use deep cleaning solutions and scrubs for cleaning floors. Depending on the floor type, the cleaning procedure and requirements can vary.
  • For carpets, the deep cleaning procedure can either be conducted by professional cleaners or using steam cleaning equipment at home.

3. Storage Spaces

  • One of the essential cleaning practices of monthly cleaning is to reorganize and clean the storage spaces using microfibre and non-toxic cleaning agents.

Quarterly House Cleaning Schedule

Additional cleaning tasks include the involvement of house cleaning services. These cleaning tasks are performed as a part of monthly or quarterly deep cleaning. The deep cleaning process includes the following house cleaning checklist:

  • Window cleaning
  • Appliance Maintenance
  • Cleaning the HVAC System
  • Chimney exteriors and interior

Although these are just a few of the deep cleaning services offered, many other cleaning services require professional help. By adding these cleaning tasks to the schedule, a complete clean-up of the house is assured.

Professional House Cleaning At Your Doorstep

House cleaning can be sometimes difficult for people, especially with a busy work schedule and kids to manage at home. In busy city spaces like Sydney, there is always a need for professional help with household chores.

In most cases, the requirement for a professional cleaner comes with the necessity to deep clean and disinfect the house once in a while. Finding an appropriate house cleaning company in Sydney can be equally challenging.

Introducing to you, Erase Cleaning is one of the leading commercial cleaning firms in Sydney with experience working for 100+ clients. With professional cleaning services, Erase Cleaning assures safe and sanitized cleaning processes. Partner with Erase Cleaning to transform your home.


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