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How Much Does House Cleaning Prices In Sydney?

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Guide For House Cleaning Prices In Sydney

House cleaning can be chaotic and tiring, especially when your goal is to deep clean the house and put in additional effort. People often look out for house cleaning services mostly because they are busy or the house is too big. Finding an affordable and efficient house cleaning service for city spaces like Sydney can be challenging. In light of this problem, we present detailed information on house cleaning prices in Sydney and the different factors that can affect its cost.

Average House Cleaning Prices List:

Concerning a city space like Sydney, house cleaning prices can differ on several factors, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the house, the additional services you require, the experience of the cleaner, etc. Here’s a table that shows the house cleaning prices list:

Cleaning TypePrice List
Hourly Rates$25
Flat Rates$200
End-of-lease cleans$400

Hourly rates

The hourly rates for cleaning a house in Sydney generally start from $48.76, which can differ depending on different factors. However, the hourly rate cleaning range can vary from $30 to $70 per hour. One should also understand that the house cleaning cost in Sydney can differ depending on the commercial cleaning company you choose.

Flat rates

This cleaning service charge is more like constant pricing and does not change according to circumstances. So, for house cleaning services in Sydney, the flat rates can cost from $200 to $350. For example, a cleaning company may charge $250 for a three-bedroom house; if the owner opts for a deep cleaning of the same space, it might cost $300.

End-of-lease Cleans

As the name suggests, an end-of-lease cleaning service is usually conducted after a longer duration. This cleaning service generally opts for thorough and deep space cleaning before the owner shifts. Since the cleaning service is different than regular cleaning, the cleaning service can cost an average of $450 for, let’s say, a three-bedroom house. Additional Services If your house requires a deep cleaning service apart from regular and additional cleaning, commercial cleaning companies offer service packages that will benefit you. This includes other services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and more. The more additional cleaning services you choose, the higher the house cleaning prices.

Factors That Affect the House Cleaning Price

Labeling the exact cost of a house cleaning service in Sydney can be challenging. This is primarily because numerous external factors influence the price depending on the individual situation. These factors generally vary from house size to the level of cleaning required. It can also be based on the cleaning service frequency and the additional requirements a customer asks for. Therefore, here’s a list of factors that you can check to determine the price list for house cleaning in Sydney:

Size of the House

The first and foremost factor used to measure the cleaning cost is the house’s size. Depending on the number of rooms, the measure of the place and time, a fee is decided by the cleaning company. It can range from $3 to $7 per square meter.

Level of Cleanliness

Depending on the level of cleanliness your home would be at the point of quoting a price, it can increase or decrease. This is primarily because of the extra effort that the cleaning company might have to put and if there are any additional resources they need, this can add to house cleaning costs.

Frequency of Cleaning

House cleaning services can range from one-time deep cleaning to yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily regular cleaning. The cost of house cleaning can vary depending on the frequency you choose.

Type of Cleaning Services

This factor differs depending on the cleaning company. Usually, a commercial cleaning service would offer services like regular cleaning (daily, weekly, or monthly), deep cleaning, personalized cleaning, and other additional cleaning services. And all these cleaning services differ for each company. Therefore, the service package will vary, and the price will also differ.

Cleaning Company Reputation

Yes, the cleaning company you choose can affect the house cleaning price. Companies that have professional experience and are well-established can charge higher fees compared to other companies. This is primarily because of the quality of cleaning they offer. The more reputable a company, the better organized their cleaning services.

Geographic Location

Cleaning companies can offer different prices depending on the geographic location of the house. This is directly related to the living costs of different places.

Customization and Special Requests

When a customer asks for special requests and additional services, the cost of house cleaning can increase. Some companies offer customization of cleaning services, and sometimes, they have flat rates for such packages. This can again vary depending on the cleaning company you choose.

Seasonal Factors

For most cleaning companies, the cost of house cleaning can depend on the seasonal factors. Seasonal factors like the holiday season, festive season, new house, house cleaning after moving out, and so on can influence the cost of house cleaning.

Insurance and Bonding

Insurance and bonding are optional conditions that commercial cleaning services would provide. A well-organized, professional, and experienced company will incorporate insurance and bonding in its services because it safeguards the client, the client’s property, and its cleaning crew. Certain companies state an insurance amount depending on the house size, while some have flat rates. In either case, the house cleaning prices will increase. Based on these factors, it is recommended that you conduct a thorough market research of cleaning companies in Sydney.

Need Help With House Cleaning Prices?

Here are a few tips for you in case you are struggling to find the best house cleaning price list in Sydney:

  • Shop Around: Contact and get quotes for your cleaning requirements from multiple cleaning companies.
  • Ask for Discounts: It is always good to ask for discounts before the cleaning process begins, and most companies give discounts for regular cleaning services.
  • Use a flexible schedule; this increases the chances of reducing the house cleaning price as it facilitates ease of service for the company.
  • Always look for flat rates because that is a good option for a cost-effective house cleaning service.

If you are looking for a house cleaning company in Sydney? Then Erase Cleaning is your perfect cleaning partner. Following industrial protocols, Erase has a cleaning crew that consists of experienced and professional members who provide efficient cleaning services.


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