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What Is Commercial Cleaning?

What is commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaning: The Step Towards A Clean Workspace

Have you wondered what it takes for a supermarket to be so clean? Or why do some offices look extravagantly shining and beautiful? Well, the answer to this cleaning proficiency is commercial cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning is a vast industry specializing in cleaning services for commercial spaces. The cleaning service companies offer cleanliness and hygiene enhancement facilities for offices, gyms, warehouses, retail stores, schools, hospitals, and more. Unlike cleaning services that major in home cleaning or residential cleanings, commercial cleaning primarily aims to provide cleaning services designed solely to fit the needs of commercial spaces, including the size and business types.

For example, if you want a cleaning session for office space, you will receive a cleaning service with surface cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, and dusting. If you wish to sanitize the entire office space, it will include window panes, a staircase, polishing furniture, restocking supplies, etc. Most of the commercial cleaning services offer these deep cleaning within their package.

Scope And Professional Expertise

Commercial cleaning is a trending business line gaining popularity amongst the audience. With a wide range of cleaning services that sanitize and ensure hygiene, commercial cleaning is now highly sought after amongst retail stores, offices, gyms, warehouses, etc.

Most of these cleaning services offer the choice to get a personalized cleaning plan that will best suit the needs of its customers. Since cleaning a commercial space requires a lot of hands-on experience and knowledge about industrial areas, commercial cleaning companies always ensure to employ trained individuals.

Cleaning Packages And Plans

Commercial cleaning services can be offered in different ways that are dependent on multiple factors that a company takes into consideration while communicating with its client. The size, industry, commercial space, and other elements are used to craft personalized cleaning services. Commercial cleaning services offer three main types of cleaning. These include:

1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is performed regularly with a stipulated interval. This type of cleaning can be done daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the preferences of the business company or commercial space. It mainly focuses on maintaining hygiene and sanitized areas. Cleaning of essential spaces, which includes dusting/mopping/vacuuming, and emptying trash are some of the cleaning services. It is more of a routine cleaning for hygiene so that the commercial space is presentable. The purpose of regular cleaning is to maintain a hygienic environment for daily activities.

2. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a more enhanced, specific, and comprehensive cleaning procedure done thoroughly. It is performed once in a while, which can range from once a month, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly. This type of cleaning is mainly done to cover spaces usually not covered within regular cleaning. It focuses on the removal of deeply ingrained dirt. Much detailed cleaning of spaces that are usually out of reach during the regular cleaning periods. This includes cleaning inside cabinets, vents, underneath and behind applications, light fixtures, and more.

3. Customized Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services offer customers the privilege of getting a customized cleaning plan. This feature helps the company to decide on a schedule and cleaning services without any disturbance to their company operations.

Services Provided By Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services provide a wide range of cleaning services that cater to different spaces that are sought for hygiene and sanitization. Some of these services include:

1. Office Cleaning

The cleaning service offered for office spaces includes sanitizing areas like desks, floors, staircases, etc. Regular cleaning services within office spaces will cover mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and kitchen top cleanings. Deep cleaning of office spaces includes cleaning inside cabinets and other unreachable areas not covered in regular cleaning.

2. Window Cleaning

This commercial cleaning service exclusively provides cleaning and sanitizing windows and window panes. Most of the commercial cleaning companies offer a variety of window cleaning services. These include exterior window cleaning, interior window cleaning, frame and track cleaning, skylight and glass roof cleaning, specialty glass cleaning, hard water stain removal, screen cleaning, etc.


3. Warehouse Cleaning

Within commercial cleaning services, warehouse cleaning is one of the most significant projects requiring a lot of safety and precaution. Standard cleaning services within warehouse cleaning include sweeping, vacuuming, floor scrubbing, washings, high-dust cleaning, power washing, shelving and racking cleaning, restroom cleaning, breakroom cleaning, trash removal, etc. Deep cleaning of the warehouse is conducted by professionals with immense expertise and knowledge of handling pieces of equipment as well as unique cleaning methods for specific components.

4. Gym Cleaning

A significant part of gym cleaning is wiping the equipment clean from sweat and revitalizing the space for subsequent usage. With the help of a commercial cleaning service, the odor can be prevented, and a safe space can be created. This ensures the well-being of the customers and their health. Professionals focus on cleaning high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, gym equipments, light switches, bathroom fixtures, handrails, etc. Deep cleaning of the gym includes cleaning and maintaining the HVAC system, sanitizing the gym stations, disinfectant wiping, etc.

5. Childcare Cleaning

Childcare centers emphasize cleaning every nook and corner of the space because of its high-touch surfaces. Regular cleaning is the most commonly sought cleaning service, which includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing, etc. Childcare cleaning service includes disinfecting almost every equipment, toys, chairs, desks, and everything.

6. Carpet Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services also provide carpet cleaning as one of their cleaning facilities. They focus on removing stains, disinfecting, vacuuming, spot treatment, dry cleaning, etc.

Looking For A Commercial Cleaning Service?

Commercial cleaning is a service that requires professionally trained and experienced individuals to handle the hygiene and safety of commercial spaces without any damage. Even when companies hire cleaning services, they have numerous questions that keep them anxious, like whether the equipment is safe, their privacy policy, etc.

For customers looking for an answer to these questions, we have a solution for you. Hire industry experts, Erase Cleaning. With experience in commercial cleaning in numerous spaces and using eco-friendly, non-toxic substances, Erase takes pride in its top-notch cleaning and sanitizing procedures.


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