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How Much Does Office Cleaning Prices In Sydney?

office cleaning prices

Unveiling The Affordable Office Cleaning Prices In Sydney

Cleaning office spaces is crucial to building a healthy and thriving employee environment. The dedication and care put into cleaning office areas reflect how much the employees are valued and cared for. For this purpose, offices spend an extensive amount to keep the office clean and hygienic.

Determining the cost of cleaning offices in Sydney includes various aspects that must be considered and variables that can influence the price of the cleaning process. External factors like the size of the office, the materials used in the office interiors, cleaning requirements, additional requirements for specific equipment, etc., can influence the cost of office cleaning.

Office Cleaning Costs

Office cleaning is a general process conducted by almost every office or commercial space. However, every office space is unique, requiring different necessities to clean. Some common factors that can influence the cost of office cleaning in Sydney include the size of the office, frequency of cleaning, scope and type of cleaning, and geographical location of the office.

Depending on these factors, Sydney’s average office cleaning price can vary from $35 to $45 per hour. Here’s a table to depict the average office cleaning price list depending on the different factors:

Cleaning TypeCost
Hourly Rate$35 to $45 per hour
Square Footage $35 to $45 per hour
One-off Clean$350 to $550
Deep Cleaning $45 to $55 per hour
Carpet Cleaning$3 to $5 per square foot
Window Cleaning$35 to $45 per hour
Disinfection Services$35 to $45 per hour

Factors That Can Influence Office Cleaning Prices

Office spaces can be different for different companies from various perspectives, such as size, interiors, work schedules, and more. These elements can either increase or decrease the cost of cleaning. Several external factors influence office cleaning prices, and some of them are discussed here:

1. Size Of The Office Space

  • The size of the office can influence the cleaning prices. That said, it is directly proportional to the cost, i.e., the bigger the size, the bigger the prize.
  • The increase in the company’s size requires more cleaning staff, more cleaning solutions, time, and other resources.
  • However, certain cleaning companies can offer a discount if the additional services are included or for any other reason.

2. Frequency Of Cleaning

  • Depending on when one avails of a cleaning service, the office cleaning price can vary.
  • The frequency of cleaning can differ in two ways: one is the regularity of cleaning that the same company handles.
  • Two, the number of times you have hired the company for cleaning.
    These two frequencies are different – the number of times you clean and the number of times you choose the same cleaning company.

When an office conducts cleaning services regularly, the amount of dust and dirt accumulation would be considerably lower compared to that which cleans only once in a while. Choosing the same cleaning company builds a chance of getting a discount because you are a regular customer. These factors can differ depending on individual cleaning companies and their policies.

3. Scope And Type Of Cleaning Service

  • Some standard cleaning services include dusting, vacuuming, trash removal, surface cleaning, sanitizing, etc.
  • However, if you wish to incorporate additional cleaning services like window glass, carpet, deep, and specialized cleaning, then the office cleaning cost can increase.
  • It is not just the scope of cleaning but the unique office space requirements that can affect the office cleaning cost in Sydney. For example, cleaning a hospital office can require more sanitization and health care conditions, while cleaning a corporate office is entirely different.

4. Location, Reputation, And Contract Matters

  • The geographical location of the office in Sydney can influence the cleaning cost. This purely depends on the area’s cost of living and operational expenses, which can differ for different places.
  • The cleaning company’s reputation can affect the cleaning rates: the more reputed a cleaning company is, the better experience, professionalism, and cleanliness are guaranteed.
  • A good office cleaning company would always use the perfect equipment, cleaning strategies, cleaning agents, and affordable and comfortable packages for their users.

The contract length for office cleaning with the cleaning company can impact the price of the cleaning service. The longer the contract term, the more chances you will get a discount on the cleaning prices.

5. Getting Personalized Cleaning Packages

  • Availing personalization of cleaning packages can considerably increase the price of cleaning offices.
  • Personalization of the cleaning package means increasing the amount of the cleaning service, resources, and time. This process also includes many changes that a cleaning company brings in to best suit the customer’s unique needs.

Specific requests like using only eco-friendly products, additional cleaning services, and flexible time can increase office cleaning prices. When we say additional cleaning cost, it is not just the additional cleaning services but other factors that can contribute to the prices. Some of these elements include:

1. Cleaning Supplies

Certain offices require unique cleaning supplies like eco-friendly solutions, microfibres, and more for unique surfaces and cleaning requirements.

2. Waste Disposal

Office cleaning services are also required to dispose of the waste most of the time, which can incur additional charges depending on the company.

3. Window Cleaning

The additional charges can increase considerably when opting for window cleaning. This is mainly because of the other resources, time, and staff required to clean windows.

How To Avail The Best Office Cleaning Company and Prices?

Before choosing an office cleaning company, get sample quotes from different companies. Compare and then decide the best cleaning package. Ask for discounts or packages that can help you get discounts on cleaning offices in Sydney. Read reviews before contacting and getting packages from a cleaning company.

Too much to work to get an office cleaning company? We’ll help you with this. Erase Cleaning is one of the leading office cleaning companies in Sydney. A professional team with experience cleaning different spaces, Erase has been able to deliver some of the clean and hygienic office spaces. To avail of this stroke of sanitization, partner with Erase and elevate your office with a clean and healthy environment.


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