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10 Point Church Cleaning Checklist For Challenging Times

Church cleaning checklist

Imbibing Divinity With Cleanliness: Ultimate Church Cleaning Checklist

Church cleaning services are often conducted regularly daily. But with the advent of different occasions and festivals, the need to complete a comprehensive cleaning procedure is significant. The structure of a church is highly intricate, and it involves a lot of deep cleaning. Sometimes, forgetting the crucial spaces that must be cleaned is possible. For this reason, we bring to you a ten-point church cleaning checklist to ensure thorough cleaning.

Understanding the cleaning process as a detailed process of numerous cleaning steps and tricks, this church cleaning checklist will help you complete the task much more quickly. Some essential checklist elements begin with a simple field study of the places to be cleaned, the equipment needed, and the cleaning agents. But there are several other aspects also.

Checklist For Church Cleaning

The checklist for church cleaning designed here is the primary and most fundamental element of cleaning the church, especially during festivals and celebrations. This cleaning process can be applied to all churches, focusing on the essential cleaning requirements.

Let us now look into what are the crucial elements of the church cleaning checklist:

Cleaning spacesDustingMoppingSanitizingVacuuming
Light FixturesYesYesNoNo
Entryways and FoyersYesYesYesYes
Windows and GlassYesYesYesNo
Worship AreaYesYesYesYes
HVAC SystemYesYesYesNo
Kitchen/Refreshment AreaYesYesYesYes
Children’s AreasYesYesYesYes

This church cleaning checklist includes the first steps of cleaning services that are required in the process. The fundamental cleaning begins with dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and sanitizing.

Comprehensive Insight Of Church Cleaning Checklist

However, the church cleaning process is very detailed and requires more insight into deep cleaning. Here’s how the cleaning procedure functions:

1. Implement A Daily Cleaning Routine

  • The first thing in a cleaning checklist is to craft a schedule specifically if there is none.
  • Make a list of essential cleaning spaces and requirements. You can refer to the checklist above and add any space according to the necessity.
  • Daily cleaning routine ensures that the church remains clean and sanitized at all times.

2. Sanitization Stations

  • A way to promote cleanliness practices and hygiene is by placing sanitization stations around different church entrances.
  • Sanitization stations in hotspots like children’s Sunday school rooms, sacristy, near drinking water, restrooms, etc., can help improve the hygiene in church.

3. Pew Sanitization

  • Pew is the long seating chairs inside the church where people sit. These pews are often made of wood and sometimes of other materials.
  • These seating spaces fall under the high-touch area of the church space and, therefore, require thorough sanitization.
  • Regularly cleaning and wiping the pew surface, armrests, and seatbacks is a way to ensure hygiene.

4. HVAC System Maintenance

  • Often ignored cleaning area is the air quality within the church area.
  • The church being a closed space can reduce air ventilation and, thus, lead to suffocation for some individuals.
  • This closed space can also result in the breeding of germs and viruses.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to clean and regularly maintain the HVAC systems.

5. Floor Care

  • Various parts of the church will have different flooring materials, requiring specialized cleaning services.
  • Floor care can be something simple like vacuuming and steam cleaning, but it is recommended that you opt for a professional cleaning service.

6. Electronic Equipment

  • The church has electronic equipment like mics, speakers, keyboards, etc. Many people use these instruments.
  • Therefore, cleaning and sanitizing this electronic equipment regularly after service is necessary so that germs or infections do not spread.
  • An excellent way to clean this equipment is to use disinfectant wipes on screens and mics rather than spraying the disinfectant agents.
  • This will ensure that the equipment is safe as well.

7. Children’s Areas

  • Church is a crucial space for children, especially during the Sunday school lessons and other events organized for them.
  • During Sunday school practices, children must maintain cleanliness, such as not littering around and using trash bins to dispose of the waste.
  • Teachers must inform the students of cleanliness practices.
  • A general cleaning routine in the classrooms and play areas, like dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and sanitization, will prevent the spreading of germs.

8. Communication Strategies

  • An excellent way to maintain a clean church space is to communicate all the cleaning protocols with cleaners and visitors.
  • Put up a cleanliness protocol and guidelines of dos and don’ts so that visitors will have a clear idea of the cleanliness and hygiene to be maintained.
  • Inform the congregation about new cleanliness implementations through bulletins, emails, or church announcements.
  • Foster a sense of collective responsibility towards keeping the church clean compared to keeping it an individualistic aspect.

9. Emergency Preparedness

  • The foremost aspect of emergency cleaning is preparing a handful of emergency supplies.
  • Keep a complete stock of cleaning supplies like microfibres, dusting tools, mopping tools, and cleaning agents like disinfectants.
  • The church cleaners must also be trained to handle such emergencies, where they stay prepared with emergency kits to deal with spills and waste disposal kits.

10. Post-Service Cleaning

  • One of the most essential church cleaning steps often overlooked is cleaning after a service is completed.
  • The cleaners must thoroughly clean the entire church space once the service, event, or celebration finishes.
  • This step helps clean the trash around the place, empty trash bins, wipe any dirty surfaces before the deep cleaning begins, and cross-check for misplaced items.

Improving Cleanliness In The Professional Way

Cleaning a church with utmost care and precision can be tiring during celebrations. The comprehensive procedure and the need to deeply clean various parts of the church require professional help, especially in a city like Sydney. Professional cleaners take the cleaning process further and professionally improve hygiene.

Erase Cleaning is one of Sydney’s leading commercial cleaning companies, with experience working with major companies and industries. Erase Cleaning also offers professional church cleaning in Sydney with the liberty to draft a cleaning service according to your specific requirements. Flexible schedules and expert cleaners transform the church into a clean and sanitized place of piousness.



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