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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

cost of carpet cleaning

Factors That Influence Carpet Cleaning Costs In Sydney

The floor’s beauty is elevated by the carpet placed gracefully on it. But sometimes, they also become dirty of food spilling over, accumulating germs, and many more reasons. While most houses clean these carpets regularly using vacuum or other methods, there remains a portion that needs to be cleaned perfectly. For such situations, carpet cleaning services are recommended. And here’s detailed information on carpet cleaning cost in Sydney.

The carpet cleaning services offer a wide range of cleaning types that include different cleaning methods that suit different types of carpets and the stains on them. Cleaning services are also one of the best ways to get your carpet cleaned faster, and a hundred times better. Because removing a floor stain is much easier than removing a carpet stain. And that requires a good knowledge of carpets and cleaning methods.

Carpet cleaning services are charged differently in different places. The carpet cleaning cost in Sydney can differ depending on the size and type of carpet to be cleaned. This cost can also be affected by additional factors like cleaning methods, the cleaning service company, the area to be cleaned, and sometimes the type of stain on your carpet.
Average Carpet Cleaning Cost in Sydney:

The average price of carpet cleaning depending on size is $3 to $7 per square meter. This table shows average carpet cleaning costs in Sydney depending on the type of carpet cleaning service opted.

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost In Sydney

The average price of carpet cleaning depending on size is $3 to $7 per square meter. This table shows average carpet cleaning costs in Sydney depending on the type of carpet cleaning service opted. These are some common cleaning methods that are offered:

Cleaning TypeCost
Dry Cleaning$2 to $5 per square meter
Steam Cleaning$25 to $45 per room
Bonnet Cleaning$3 to $7 per square meter
Shampooing$20 to $40 per carpet

Carpet Cleaning Prices Depend On Different Factors

As mentioned earlier, the carpet cleaning cost can differ on several factors. And similarly, the carpet cleaning prices in Sydney can vary compared to other places. Let us look into some of the details and the carpet cleaning prices list.

Size Of The Area

Depending on the size of the area that you want to be cleaned, the carpet cleaning cost can significantly vary. The cost differs depending on the plot size. In the case of carpet cleaning services, the price is charged per square meter or square foot. The basic pay of this type of metric charge for the size of the area can range between $3 to $7 per square meter or foot. It should also be noted that the carpet cleaning cost can increase more than this for larger areas.

Type Of Carpet

A carpet’s material also brings in more cost of cleaning. This is primarily because some materials require special care and cleaning methods to suit their quality. In the case of a delicate carpet, the cleaning cost would be comparatively higher than others. For example, designer carpets require a gentle and careful cleaning treatment compared to synthetic rugs.

Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning includes several cleaning methods, and each of these methods differs in cost. Some of the basic cleaning methods are:

1. Steam Cleaning Or Hot Water Extraction:

  • This carpet cleaning method is one of the standard and most used methods. It includes a hot water extraction method with cleaning solutions that disturb, shake, and remove the dirt on the carpet.
  • The steam carpet cleaning service costs range from $25 to $45 per room. This cost can also vary depending on the size of the room or the carpet.

2. Dry Cleaning:

  • Unlike high-temperature steam cleaning, dry cleaning uses a low-moisture method to clean the carpets. There are special machines and cleaning solutions that are used for this cleaning method.
  • The cost of dry cleaning a carpet in Sydney can be $2 to $5 per square meter.

3. Bonnet Cleaning:

  • This type of carpet cleaning method is commonly used for commercial carpets. It is conducted using a rotary machine that comes with a cleaning pad.
  • Bonnet cleaning can cost $3 to $7 per square meter but also varies depending on the carpet size.

4. Shampooing:

  • Shampooing as a method of cleaning carpets is one of the traditional methods that is generally conducted at homes.
  • But if a recent carpet requires deep cleaning, cleaning services use a foamy solution.
  • This can cost from $20 to $40 per carpet.

Carpet cleaning prices

Additional Services

Certain carpet cleaning companies also provide different types of cleaning services, which are additional services other than cleaning—for example, stain removal, Scotchgard protection, etc. Although some cleaning companies offer different services as separate services, some also offer packages that may include these services.

Service Provider

Yes, this is a crucial factor in determining the carpet cleaning cost in Sydney. The carpet cleaning company you choose has much to do with the cleaning price because of its popularity, skills, fame, and services. The larger and more well-established a company is, the more it will charge you for cleaning service.

Geographic Location

The location also has some part to play in the cost of carpet cleaning in Sydney. This factor is directly related to the cost of living in an area. The higher the cost of living, the higher the carpet cleaning price.

Frequency Of Cleaning

Frequent carpet cleaning at a particular cleaning station can also help you with discounts. However, this is purely based on individual companies and their leniency in discounts for regular customers.

Sydney, Your Trusted Carpet Cleaning Partner Is Here!

If you are looking for a good carpet cleaning service, we have an answer. With some of the best cleaning solutions and techniques, Erase Cleaning is one of the leading carpet cleaners in Sydney. Prioritizing cleanliness, sanitization, and hygiene for a germ-free carpet safe for everyone, your carpets are safe with Erase Cleaning. Cleaning packages include numerous types of carpet cleaning designed to suit individual carpet types and careful handling for unique carpets to secure their material. Look no further; hand over your dirty carpet today and get a hygienic carpet free of stains and dirt.


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